Lobster Atmosphere is a younger sister of the successful Lobster Family restaurant situated on entertainment floor of the Galerie Šantovka shopping centre.

Lobster is a successful concept offering its guests the combination of entertainment, family environment, pleasant facilities and high-quality food.

We are not satisfied with merely good things and tasty food. We set our goals very high – always the best and the tastiest for our guests.In Lobster Atmosphere, we offer the possibility of enjoying the proven quality of the Lobster brand, but in a calm, pleasant, and intimate environment. We have time and space to cosset our guests and give them our full attention.

Our restaurant team includes only the best employees who are proud of their job, reflected in everything we do for our guests.

You can taste mature beef steaks or homemade pastries or desserts in our restaurant. The lunch menu in accordance with the tendencies of contemporary gastronomy and the breakfast, starting your successful day, are matter of facts. Last but not the least, homemade lemonades and delicious coffee and tea are prepared for you. We boast a wide offer of wines from the best worldwide as well as Czech wineries. With us, everyone has a choice.

Stylish and modern interior with natural elements complement the perfect atmosphere, guaranteeing your enjoyment at every visit.


Chef Richard Klemeš comes from Olomouc and started to be interested in cookery craft as a little boy when he was helping his mother in the kitchen. It is hardly surprising that he became a chef as he comes from a family that has always been in the gastronomy industry.

He spent much of his professional life in Olomouc and is mainly known for his work at Renomé Grill and Bar, which he helped to establish and gain good reputation. Until recently, however, he worked in Prague, specifically in the prestigious George Prime Steak.

He has rich experience in classic Czech and Mediterranean cuisine, has great skills in handing fresh fish and above all excels in preparation of the best steaks, be it pork, beef, venison or exotic meat.

Richard’s motto is, “The most important thing for me is to give my guests gastronomic satisfaction and great experience. The greatest fulfilment for me is when guests return to us with friends and families.”